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The future of European transport.

Cars are great aren’t they??

Well great apart from the cost of fuel and tax, the atmosphere eroding exhaust fumes and pollution, maintenance hassle and again cost, numerous nasty congestion charges you now have to pay, not to mention preposterous parking costs – we won’t continue because frankly it’s mind crushingly depressing.

So moving swiftly on to the good news…..ECO SCOOTERS & BIKES by PCB!!! In today’s society we are all aware how we get less for our Euro and this fragile sphere we call earth is constantly under attack from lung clogging pollution. Well we here at ECO SCOOTERS & BIKES have a key that will not only save you money but will help save the planet too.

ECO SCOOTERS & BIKES are happy to offer you the opportunity to make yourself a little richer while you make the world a healthier and happier place. 100% electric scooters and bikes that at only 10 euro cents to charge your scooter for 8 hours, you can then travel up to 40 km at 30 kmph totally emission free. That’s right, we were surprised too; it’s pretty good don’t you think so.......!!!!

For all of you green yet fashion conscious people out there our scooters and bikes are available in a wide range of colours including green (obviously!), red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, black and silver.

Plug, In Charge & Go

No petrol or diesel - saving money has never been easier. Just plug into your nearest mains socket to charge (minimum 3 hour charge sufficient for most short journeys!). At only 10 euro cents for a full eight hour charge your travelling cost will be as low as 1/4 euro cents per km.

We can supply Eco Scooters to private owners, government authorities and corporate organisations.

Backed by a dedicated and enthusiastic workforce our business philosophy is simple: to be the European's leading supplier of eco scooters and bikes. We never stop improving and always put our customers – and their needs – first.

The electrical vehicle market is rapidly growing and Eco Scooters and Bikes is committed to being at the forefront of this revolution providing you with a practical, cost effective and affordable Electric Scooter or bikes. Ideal for commuting to and from work, trips to the local shops or visiting friends and family our Eco Scooters offer you considerable benefits including:
Free Road TAX, Free Parking, Zero Congestion Charges, Zero Emissions.

All our scooters and bikes under go our tough quality control procedures to ensure they are of the highest possible safety standard and meet the requirements of the for Europe EEC and for bikes the CE and EN15194 certificate. 

We are dedicated to making your experience with us as easy and pleasurable as possible. We do this in a variety of ways. Our website is designed as a showcase of our products providing you with all the product information and technical specifications needed to help you see the benefits of purchasing a Electric Scooter or Electric Bike.

If you have any questions or special requirements dont hasitate to contact us, our helpful team is always ready to anwser your calls and your e-mails.

Thank you for visiting the Eco Scooters & Bikes Website!